2012年9月12日 星期三

more designs of women's mules with nice embroidery work

We have new designs of women's mules with uppers done by manual embroidery work. I like the black version the best. 

If you have your own design work, we can do custom-made upper. 

Please visit our website and contact us for any further information.

- Free Bird Enterprise

2012年9月10日 星期一

OEM men's dress shoes supplier

Free Bird Enterprise is a footwear exporter with 50 years of professional experiences and expertise in shoes made of synthetic materials. We also supply men's dress shoes in good quality. Below is a few examples for footwear wholesalers. 

- by Pei
Feel free to contact us for any further information.

2012年8月23日 星期四

men's sneakers in bold pink color or "cooling" design

Pink has become a man's color in recent years, from one of the Hollywood movies, as far as I can remember. It's trendy now for men to dress in pink. It was still unimaginable less than ten years ago.
For the summer designs, we try to keep the shoe material as thin and breathable as possible. Perfect for a city walk, isn't it?


2012年8月15日 星期三

vulcanized shoes with a touch of European flavor

With a bit emphasis on the color combination, the first three pairs of vulcanized shoes seem perfect for an Olympic Game goer. 

The other two pairs remind me of vacances d'été in France. 

It is still summer time in the north hemisphere. If you are a footwear wholesaler in the south hemisphere, it is not too late to place the order for the next spring/summer season. 

We supply shoes under your own mark/logo.

-by Pei

2012年8月14日 星期二

updated company introduction_OEM footwear exporter

1) Founded in 1982
Free Bird Enterprise was founded in 1982 after our CEO, Mr. Zhang, had been working in the international footwear trading for 20 years. 

It is now a professional footwear exporter focusing in providing clients with product development, sourcing (materials and final products) and quality inspection services. 

We deal mainly with synthetic and fabric materials. A small portion of men's and women’s shoes is in leather.

2) Main clients in Japan, Singapore and China (via Hong Kong)
Our clients are primarily footwear wholesalers in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, China and Hong Kong.  
All the footwear we supply is under the clients' own marks/logos.

Below is a detailed distribution of our footwear's final destinations.

According to the company’s 2011 annual report for footwear exported to Japan, men’s casual shoes take up 35%, boots 13%, slippers and sandals 14%, women’s sandals 14% and casual shoes 10% of the revenue.

The average FOB price is between USD5~12 per pair of shoes.

3) Operation office in Taipei and QC team in southern China
Throughout the years, we have accumulated an extensive and solid manufacturing network in China (in four provinces depending on different footwear types, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and Shandong) and Taiwan.

Our operation office is located in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei, and QC team in Fujiang province led by an experienced Taiwanese supervisor.

4) Our mission
We would like to utilize our assets and extend our services to more clients around the world. Copies of brief price lists are available in PDF format. Please contact us at or for any further information.

- by Pei
OEM footwear exporter for synthetic and fabric materials

2012年8月3日 星期五

women's slippers and women's flip flops

These are slippers and flip flops with a more elaborated style of decoration than the slippers people see in a common night market or traditional market scene in Taiwan. 

They are very light and comfortable. The decoration also gives them an additional value. Feel free to contact us for further info.

-by Pei

Free Bird Enterprise
providing footwear development, sourcing and quality inspection services

2012年7月20日 星期五

quality vulcanized shoes

Today we would like to share with you some nicely made vulcanized shoes. 
I like this little flowers design. The whole shoe is just solid and of high quality. 

The elastic bands on the side and the lining color give an additional touch to the classic canvas shoes.

-by Pei

Free Bird Enterprise
providing footwear development, sourcing and quality control services